Ilm Summit - Season 2

Reviving The Spirit of Learning

Al Manar International is a newly founded online academy which is a branch of the highly acclaimed Al Manar Centre based in Dubai ( UAE ). 
The core teachings of which have always been to follow the path of the righteous and impart knowledge from authentic sources. 
Our vision at Al Manar International Academy is to enlighten the hearts of the multitude with the light of The Quran and teachings of Sunnah. Our mission is to strive to make this divine message reach all over the world.
Come join us in this mission. Let's enrich our selves with the knowledge of Islam and thereby enrich the lives of others. Together we can make a difference.
The main objective of this convention is to share and spread the spirit of learning in the lives of Muslims & Non-Muslims alike across the globe regarding Islam that has been bestowed upon us by our Creator.  
That is why this convention invites people from all walks of life, of different faiths and beliefs to come online and benefit from the Divine Creator’s message; to seek guidance to make this world a better place to live together in peace, harmony, prosperity and tolerance.


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2nd- 10th April 2021


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